Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Pharmaceutical Wholesale

International Licensed Pharmaceutical Wholesale

We have a wide range of products from OTC, cosmetics, food supplements, disposable products to medical products.

Both quality medicines produced in other countries, in Turkey, we convey confidence to many of the world.

All trademarks and branded generic medicines in Turkey, we supply the market.

Get the product you want quickly and smoothly thanks to our strong supply network.

Among our customers from 22 countries; public, wholesalers, hospitals and retailers. Our biggest goal is to make them 100% satisfied.

Products are exclusively sourced within our audited network of suppliers and transported only through approved logistics companies, ensuring product quality characteristics are maintained end-to-end throughout the supply chain.

With our vast experience and technical expertise in sourcing pharmaceutical products globally and sourcing exclusively within our audited network; From the shortage of local markets at the pharmacy level, from emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics to wholesale product orders, we strive to meet every demand.

Dentapharma provides access to a wide variety of International Pharmaceutical and Medicinal products including:

  • Branded Drugs
  • Generic Drugs
  • Unlicensed Drugs
  • Medium and Cold Chain products
    (+ 2 ° C to +8 ° C)
  • Vaccines
  • Nutrition products
  • Non-Prescription Products (OTCs)
  • Surgery and Dressings